Beijing Migrant Worker Priced Out of Second-Tier City

After abandon the suburbs back to the city center, I will be locked in a range of buyers Zhengzhou South Second Ring a new building, went to several showings in the process met investors from other major cities up north and local buyers, I probably a bit estimate: 5 of 10 people are from Henan, and the remaining five are here to invest. In addition, the reason for listing appear in short supply, because there are developers took the opportunity hoarding, for example, I want to buy a house, a total of 1000 suite, but released 3000 tickets, tantamount to an average of three people to grab a house, the formation of a housing shortage situation, coupled with the addition of real estate speculators, it would be strange if it wasn't busy. It is also popular at this time other second-tier cities such as Nanjing, Hefei and other cities taking over, become real estate investors "meat and potatoes" when I think other places certainly have a similar phenomenon. Money can not buy a house - this is the status of many of the popular second-tier cities home buyers.

Not only houses, "scarce", prices did not break, I saw this at the house, from a single 5 - August rose to the equivalent of the past several years, rising faster called "amazing," said the salesman May 13,000 yuan / square meter, the end of August when it rose to 15,000 yuan / square meter, I reluctantly target from three-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom, purchase budget has more than 1 million. But even this is not to buy can buy, the house is still Yaohao, can not buy is still a problem. Really, when I heard the mood just after the price increase just go to the cemetery grave-like finish, mood swings to the bottom, tears in the eyes spin son.
iFeng: 北漂男拿100万回老家 楼市的变化让他崩溃

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