Multicultural West Collapsing

Earlier this year there was trouble in Italy: Italian Police Beat Chinese Illegal Immigrants Who Beat African Migrants Who Robbed Them

Now France: ‘Je suis Chaolin’: why the Chinese in France are speaking up about violence and racism
Nearly everyone complaining of aggression towards the Chinese had a stereotype of who the perpetrators were- Arabs and blacks, they would say in a hushed tone, adding that these petty criminals were probably jobless or out-of-school.

As Europe battles a migrant crisis that right-wing politicians have capitalised on by instilling fear and stoking nationalist sentiments, the question of how best to assimilate foreign cultures becomes ever more vexing.
France has historically opened its doors to migration, but its formula for integrating outsiders is to make them as French as possible. Residency is incumbent on learning the language and history.

But migrants from China remain strongly rooted to Chinese culture, not the least the language, passing it on to the younger generations.

Beraha has posed this question: “When one is a child of the world’s top economic power, does he really feel like fully assimilating in France? There are many French people living in China. Do we ask them to assimilate into the Chinese society and to become Chinese?”

Yang was winding down at 7 p.m. on a Saturday, to go home to his baby daughter, for whom he would want a two-sided upbringing.

“When I was young, I was French. As I’ve grown older, I’m Chinese,” he said.

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