Developers Believe Price Drop Impossible

Developers sound a cautious note, but the common wisdom is prices will not fall:
Shui On Land Limited Chairman Vincent Lo in 2016 interim results conference asked whether he would increase the land bank, he expressed concern for the Shanghai market, he believes that the current price is too high to the king, that the Shanghai market is not too healthy, but still optimistic about Shanghai market.

Green City real estate partner Zhao M M also said that for now the blind pursuit of high land market showed concern.

Deputy director of China Investment Co., Ltd. Ka Wah Gu Wen-sheng said that each company estimates the cost of the land is different from the ability to take risks are not the same, difficult to assess the current situation of high land prices, but it does not ignore the risk of high ground after.

There are developers said on condition of anonymity, if the subsequent tightening of monetary policy, strict government approval of home prices, then developers paying high prices for land will be at risk.

But it is undeniable, the land price is higher than the surrounding housing prices become the norm, developers generally believe that the possibility of sharply falling housing prices is almost zero.

Ouyang Jie, vice president of Metro Holdings, said in a hot second-tier cities prices will rise to double, so a city like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen rose faster, three to five years to double. "Ouyang Jie said, after everyone is doubt whether the price will rise, he thinks the answer is certain, especially Shanghai's housing prices in the foreseeable future is impossible to fall, of course, may be a callback, but after the correction there will be a new historical peak.
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