Guy Tries to Scam Family But Fails Photoshop

Police found that some strange place, August 19, Archie asked his family to 35,000 yuan, the next day or to 35,000 yuan; when Archie was kidnapped, the ground is still covered with a bag behind, as if afraid the kidnappers dirty Archie body . August 21 at 4 pm, the kidnappers phoned Ms. Ding said, do not play money, put Archie fingers cut off. Not long after, his son received finger was cut off photos, but apparently after police found photos were photoshopped. The police investigation found that Archie did not go to Fuzhou, but in Shangluo area activities. August 28, police in the vicinity of Shangluo City Temple found Archie and Xiao Hua. Archie finally say the truth, that he met Xiao Hua online took him to participate in the gathering of friends, in fact, multi-level marketing activities.
Caijing: 小伙陷传销PS剁手照骗家人钱 技术太差引怀疑

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