Tulip Bulb 2016: Shenzhen New Home Price Averages 70,000 Yuan Per SQM

For the second time in 2016, the average weekly price hit 70,000 yuan. For the week ending September 4, the average new home price was 70,025 per sqm. The price increased 54.5 percent from a week earlier.

Volume was 708 properties, above the prior four-week average of 523 homes.

Existing home sales were 1435 units at an average price of 57,684 per sqm.
Sina: 深圳新房均价上周破7 年内周均价第二次站上7字头

An opinion piece compares the current environment to tulip mania and asks how long can it last?
Now walking in the street, almost no one isn't talking about the property market, almost no opens there mouth without asking where to buy a house? Where is the nearest house and the rising price this type of topic. So I think this phenomenon "the Dutch tulip bubble" in the most powerful phase of the bubble, one of the most rare tulip bulbs enough to buy a cargo ship. This serious unequal price are inseparable from behind a word that is - "speculation."

...The author believes that the current currency issuance is the fundamental cause of this phenomenon, when the monetary expansion too fast, in order to meet the market share of investment, investment in real estate has become the safest and most common way, and this is also another reason controlling the market is so difficult.

...This kind of "special conditions on the" argument appears in fact more than China, at the earliest Netherlands, Japan in the 1980s, 1990s Hong Kong, in 2008 the United States had in fact occurred. Even last year, the Chinese stock market gave us a peek, experienced the stock market crash last year, people may remember 5000 when the stock market, many experts still say the bull market has just started a million points of speech is not a dream, but when the bubble burst In addition, when we stunned, but also to do something about it?

... At present, the major cities in the country to buy a house at current prices by the rental rate of return obtained generally less than 2%, significantly lower than the current and long-term risk-free interest rates. This indicates that the overall level of domestic prices have been well above its central value. Thus, despite the current real estate has bundled the Chinese economy, the economy is facing downward pressure of the occasion, all levels of government continued to take various measures to stimulate the housing market. However, the administrative control for fluctuations in asset prices, it ultimately failed, long rise will fall, every real estate bubble bursts, none are spared.
Kuaixun: 深圳新房均价突破7万 “盛况”还能持续多久?

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