Making Hay While the Sun Shines: Real Estate Trust Issuance Soars

Since August, along with the property market "burst" high fever, the sudden increase in the real estate trust. Trust with interest the latest statistics show that in August a total of 63 real estate collective trust product release, the total 23.78 billion yuan, compared with 15.81 billion yuan a year earlier, the scale rose 50.4%, compared with 19.59 billion yuan in July rose 21.4%. Meanwhile, after the "Ming shares real debt" ban has long been thrown to the winds body, the housing prices "equity investment" trust industry once again become the "meat and potatoes."
Regulators are planning to tighten the rules on debt issuance by developers. Similar to the buying surge seen ahead of buying restrictions, the potential for credit restrictions is leading to a burst of lending and credit issuance.

Caijing: 前8月房地产信托规模1549亿元 明股实债成楼市躁动推手

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