China IRAs

Recently, a large wedding capital market came news that a tax-deferred pension insurance scheme has been submitted to the State Council, the second half is likely to launch a pilot program. The brewing for eight years, during which repeated rumors of major policies introduced CHINA an insurance company executives on the "China Times" reporter said, "because it involves a wide range, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Commission, the SASAC, social security funds and other departments, considerations will be cautious. "

Tax-deferred pension insurance, the individual purchase of commercial pension insurance, this part of the premium tax exemption from wages until retirement collar again when the insurance payment. This is called the Chinese version of the IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts individual pension accounts) to establish the system, especially to make the capital market excited, because the US stock market but had this policy for years to get rid of the bear market, to enter the 20 years of the bull market. Today, the Chinese fund industry and for this big loud applause, "Chinese version of the IRA turned to the stock market will play a significant role in promoting." Before the open sea Fund Yang Delong, chief economist believes that individual pension accounts as a long-term, stable funding , the stock market is undoubtedly a big positive.

In fact, A-share market this reaction is not strong, is still the main shock. September 9, the Shanghai Composite Index closed down 0.55% reported 3078.86 points, the end of the 5th rising trend; week has risen about 0.4 percent after losing streak two weeks.
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