AfD Now Outpolling SPD

Social mood is still in a long-term downtrend, migration is still far above levels desired by the general public, and this is happening with global asset markets and economies likely near their cyclical peaks.

I will now predict that AfD becomes the largest party in Germany within 5 years, assuming an economic recession/financial market downturn.

I've previously covered the emergence of AfD.

AfD Could Become Largest Opposition Party in Germany; Catalonia Crackdown in Spain - this happened thanks to the grand coalition between the CSU-CDU and SPD, and now is doubly true as AfD pulls ahead of SPD.

AfD Wins Big in German Election, No Competition Yet - still true. Like Trump in the USA, they have a monopoly on the immigration issue.

From 2015: This One Chart Explains the Next 10 Years of Political Change. If you read only one post, that's the one to read. Thanks to the rise of nationalism, identity and immigration, the AfD is the only mainstream right-wing party in Germany. CSU-CDU and Free Democrats, right-wing on economics, are as of 2015 considered left-of-center parties.

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