Fed Nixes Internbank Lending Records

I saw some references to a drop in interbank lending and tried to find the source data. This looks like a statistical error because the category has been eliminated. IF there was such a drop in lending, there would be some evidence of it elsewhere.
Federal Reserve: January 12, 2018: Changes to Items Reported on the H.8 Release as of January 3, 2018
1. Previous line item 26, Fed funds and reverse RPs with nonbanks, and previous line item 32, Fed funds and reverse RPs with banks, have been combined as new line item 30, Total federal funds sold and reverse RPs. Note that line item 1, Bank credit, and line item 9, Loans and leases in bank credit, no longer include Fed funds and reverse RPs with nonbanks and the category Interbank loans (former line item 31) has been eliminated.

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