What is a Trade War in the Information Age?

This is what a trade war looks like in the Information Age.

RFA: China to Block Overseas VPN Services From End of March
“Any foreign companies that want to set up a cross-border operation for private use will need to set up a dedicated line for that purpose,” he said. “They will be able to lease such a line or network legally from the telecommunications import and export bureau.”

“This shouldn’t affect their normal operations much at all,” he said.

Meanwhile, the American Chamber of Commerce in China said it had carried out a recent survey of U.S. companies in the country that showed that the inability to access certain online tools, internet censorship, and cybersecurity were impeding their operations.
Although it says it is a ban on VPNs, there must be a broader ban on all forms of encryption otherwise workarounds will pop up very quickly. Foreigners are shut out of China or their information must pass through government hardware. China is effectively closed for business if you care about security or need to access certain websites or programs.

If anyone wants a trade war with China, they will have "casus belli" after March.

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