Mainland Investors Bearish

A few comments:

1. 56% as of midday Saturday (63,528 respondants at this moment) think there will be no bounce next week.

2. 78% did not buy the dip

3. 83% are down for the year

4. 66% think the bottom is below 3000 on the Shanghai Composite

5. A plurality of investors think margin calls drove the decline, followed by high valuations and the U.S. market drop

6. 65% think A-shares will crash again (no timing given)

7. 41% think small caps will bounce first

iFeng: 调查:A股跟随美股暴跌 股灾重现?底在哪里?

iFeng also reports Fed officials see no need to intervene yet: 面对暴跌这些关注度最高的官员发话:别指望我们救市

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