Lack of Affordable Housing Exacerbated by Immigration

Macrobusiness: Memo to Racism Rob, Jess Irvine, Adam Creighton & Greg Jericho
Leith and I will both lose personally if house prices fall. MB has already lost some subscribers. So what? There are bigger issues at hand. We are bashing open the rhetorical space for arguments in favour of lower immigration against the propaganda of the corrupt system. This space is designed to allow commentators to get on board without being singled out and branded by interests. It is singular tragedy that all young(ish) economic commentators have been leading voices in trying to close it again.

MB has already helped win battles on negative gearing and macroprudential using this method. But immigration is the big one. Demand must be lowered to win the house price war. It’s a war against government, class inequality, rent-seekers, generational greed, corrupt ideology, the selling out of the national interest and even a defense of democracy.
Only this morning I caught a report out of California saying the number one issue for Democrats in California is affordable housing. California has its own special problems when it comes to development, but high rates of immigration aren't helping.

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