New Normal: The Wealth Gap Only Gets Bigger

Aside from a financial crash or populist revolution (temporary phenomena), the wealth gap only goes in one direction now as talent dwindles thanks to low fertility rates across the developed world.

The fight for young talent between Chinese cities is dubbed the story of 2018 in real estate.

iFeng: 2018年楼市关键词:抢人才
According to CCTV Financial Economic Information Network reported that the opening of the market this year, the key words that must be "grab talent." Recently, many second tier cities including Wuhan in Hubei, Zhengzhou in Henan, Hefei in Anhui and Nanjing in Jiangsu have frequently released policies to settle down in the New Deal, lower their housing threshold and throw an olive branch to all kinds of people. Since last October, there have been nearly 20 cities or regions that have released or upgraded the New Deal with "Talent Settled in."

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