Central Bank on First Mortgage Rule Changes: Wait for the Official Document

Will the central bank ease mortgage rules? Liu Shiyu said wait for official documents.


Global central counterparty Association conference was first held in Shanghai. In the plenary session yesterday, intermittent, People's Bank of China Deputy Governor Liu Shiyu deregulation of mortgage issues a brief response, "the specific content to other documents."

In yesterday will drive Congress intermittent, media reporters to prepare leave Liu Shiyu question, "first mortgage" standard has not been adjusted Liu Shiyu responded by saying:? "And other documents." While adding, "benefit people's livelihood, structural adjustment, has always been the top priority of our work. " When a reporter repeatedly asked whether this could mean the introduction of relevant policies, Liu Shiyu walking and said, "Well everywhere in action."

And recently, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places have introduced the corresponding post-deregulation policy buyers who pay off home loans, mortgage application again when identified in accordance with the first suite. In this regard, Lian Ping, chief economist at Bank of Communications (microblogging), said in an interview, when the market is hot in the past, limited credit for the purchase of the circumstances, "Now the situation has changed, targeted some adjustments, relaxed restriction is the trend. "

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