10 Points For Reviving the Economy

From Minsheng Macro:
1. encourage officials to rebuild incentive compatible mechanisms to promote governance modernization.

2. deregulation policy, significantly reducing service barriers to market forces to break supply bottlenecks.

3. expansionary fiscal policy, tax cuts increase the deficit bonds, from the demand side to solve the mismatch between production and demand.

4. reduce excess policy to accelerate corporate restructuring mergers and acquisitions, from the supply side to solve production and demand mismatch.

5. stable housing market policy, organizational Chinese version of the Housing Bank and revitalize the stock to stock benefit people's livelihood.

6. policy to promote PPP, improve the investment environment, government social capital to none.

7. technology transformation strategy, the formation of a national research center, build research capital market as a whole industrial chain.

8. hold the bottom line, clean up bad debt, signal reforms will withstand pressure.

9. rules, active secondary open, strengthen the international rules influence.

10. active thinking, airing encourage suggestions, activating social cohesion thought the market consensus.
The points are then broken down further in the article.

iFeng: 走出当前经济困境的“治安十策”

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