Beijing Housing Supply Tumbles

Only 22 buildings will hit the Beijing market in November, lowest total in six months. Buying restrictions in Tongzhou are having an effect as sales there tumbled in September and October. Only 2 buildings are scheduled to hit the market in Tongzhou next month. Prices remain elevated over 2014 levels.
It is worth mentioning that, although turnover fell, but Beijing is still in the new disc transaction price of about 30,000 yuan record highs. As of October 28, October Beijing average transaction price of new commodity housing 29,716 yuan / square meter, down 1,262 yuan / square meter over the same period in September, a decrease of 4%; however, there have been 5,062 yuan more than the same period of 2014 / sq m It rises.

It is understood that in October the new disc transaction price fell about 4%, due by the end of October signed a number of suburban area down the average price of real estate, such as the Great Wall is located in Miyun Longhu source of the sun and Miyun waterfront home, contract price is about 15,000 yuan / square meter, and is located in South six ring outside of commercial and residential projects in Daxing, Beijing Beijing Urban Construction passwords, contract price of about 18,000 yuan / square meter.

Centaline Dawei, chief analyst said that although this year's Beijing property market, "Golden September and Silver October," the volume is not erupt, but the prices are still high, in addition to restriction under Tongzhou, September, October Tongzhou, there was greater decline in turnover are suppressed regional markets heat, also affected the overall turnover of the property market in October.

iFeng: 北京楼市供应渐“入冬” 11月仅22新盘入市

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