Real Estate Investment Still Lagging Due to Inventory

A UBS report says home sales are being fueled by homeowners trading up, but only half of the inventory pressure has been relieved. Real estate investment will continue to lag as a result.

UBS through the domestic 117 cities in 3334 to investigate consumer buyers will find that upgrading to improve the existing housing situation this year is the main reason for the big cities to pick up property sales. With a series of market regulation measures RRR cut interest rates, down payment ratio of buyers as well as a more flexible policy, provident fund loans in the past year have been released, had been suppressed housing demand has been partially released.

But China's real estate industry analyst at UBS Securities Ding Xiao noted that, despite demand recovery, the property market as a whole to the inventory pressure is still great, especially the four-tier cities. In addition, income slowed and uncertain prospects for the real estate tax concerns and other factors will drag new commodity housing sales are expected to growth from the current 15% -19% by the end of 2016 slowed to 5 percent.
iFeng: 机构:中国楼市去库存刚过半 3大因素影响购房

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