Land Prices Expected to Soar in Beijing

iFeng: 北京土地扎堆入市难解渴 业内称楼面价将飙升
There are 27 operating sites will focus on trading next month; Industry sources say that the absolute shortages lead to land floor price soaring.

...But in volume terms this year, Beijing land market the number of severely diminished compared to previous years. Beijing Land Bureau official website show that as of October 19, Beijing residential land to sell a total of 25, plus the pending transfer of the 19, a total of only 44. Based on past statistics, in 2014 the number of residential land to sell to 52, in 2013 it reached 74. Insiders pointed out that, even if part of the Homestead end of the year and still have successful transfer, it may not be able to surpass last year's level.

According to agency estimates, deductions have been identified as well as commercial and affordable housing parts may occur, the whole year is expected to sell in 2015 in Homestead, pure commercial residential building area will not be more than 3 million square meters, according to both sets of 100 square meters calculation , can only provide about 30,000 new units of housing supply, but only the first three quarters of this year, namely, the achievement of pure Beijing commercial housing turnover 42,000 sets. Insiders pointed out that in absolute short supply, while showing rising cost of land floor price trend is inevitable.

...Although the Beijing land market has supply scarcity, developers are returning to a first- and second-tier strategy, and Beijing still is considered the safest city in real estate investment.
Location, location, location.

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