Chinese Consumer Finance NPLs Climb at 100% Ann Rate

Caixin: 消费金融公司不良率提高至2.85%
Compared to 1.56% at the end of 2014, by the end of September 2015 consumer finance companies' NPL ratio reached 2.85%, nearly double.
More than a 100% annualized increase. This won't rise linearly either. According to one executive in the industry, the blowout increase is still in front of us:
A consumer finance company executives said the outbreak of the NPL ratio of consumer finance companies have a lag, consumer finance companies are not yet non-performing rate outbreak "blowout", there's a high probability the future NPL rate will rapidly rise.
As seen at the end of every credit bubble, the executive also says the rise in bad debts is related to recent rapid expansion in the industry, leading to lax risk controls.

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