China Ready to Approve 2 Child Policy

Beyond a possible short-term blip, there will be no impact on fertility as China continues to urbanize and embrace modern Western culture.

Sina: 中国人口报告上递决策层 建议立即放开全面二孩
Population Reports were from the delivery of at least two to three units may CASS Institute of Population and Labor Economy, Population and Development Research Center of Renmin University of China and the China Population and Development Research Center, including the National Planning Commission under guard. These reports are based on years of demographic data on the current level of total fertility rate, the total population to predict future changes in population size and the emergence of the peak time. Propose immediately release the full two-child policy is one report.

An unnamed informed sources said that these reports should be the decision-making requirements of delivery, showing concern for the population of this important decision-making of public policy, also conveys a signal, fertility policy might close in one of significant changes occurred in time.
Removing the one-child policy is an obvious step for raising fertility, but if there aren't cultural and economic fundamentals in place to take advantage of it, it won't have any impact. China's fertility rate is going to converge with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Japan and nothing they are doing is going to stop it, indeed, the rest of the development policies are helping the transition to demographic collapse.

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