Poland Dumps Centrists For Rightists

Poland now joins Hungary in having the right-wing take over the center, with the opposition further to the right. The opposition may be made up of anti-EU Christians, pro-business and what appears to be a movement similar to Beppe Grillo's 5-star in Italy. A rock star led group seeks to replace proportional representation with the Anglo-American first past the post system. He finished third and grabbed 42% of the youth vote.

BBC: Poland elections: Conservatives secure decisive win
Poland's opposition Law and Justice party - conservative and Eurosceptic - has won parliamentary elections.

The party is expected to have enough seats to govern alone - something unprecedented in 26 years. Exit polls suggest it got 39% of the vote.

...If the numbers suggested by the exit poll are confirmed, it will be the first time since democracy was restored in Poland in 1989 that a single party has won enough seats to govern alone, the BBC's Adam Easton in Warsaw says.

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