Fengtai Land Sale Sets New Price Record; High End Housing Coming

Thanks to rising prices, the trend in Beijing will be towards luxury housing.

iFeng: 丰台地块楼面价破7.5万 创北京单价地王纪录
Yesterday, after 104 rounds of intense competition, Gezhouba to 4.95 billion yuan, with the construction of 41,000 square meters of public rental housing, 61,800 square meters to move back to the room price to win the Fengtai District Huaxiang fanjia village land. Analysts pointed out that, after subtracting the public rental and other land area, the floor price of the land has exceeded 75,000 yuan per square meter, can be said that the floor price of Beijing residential high.
The price was a 50% premium.
It is understood that from June 2015, Beijing appears far more than premium prices phenomenon. Dawei that this proves the first-tier cities housing prices to compete for land. Future high-end real estate projects will become a trend.

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