Li Junluo: China Should Dump 2 Trillion Treasuries Now

Liu Junluo sees China trapped. The Fed rate hike was a lie, the country is stuck with Treasuries so the U.S. doesn't fear retaliation, unemployment and food costs will be major problems in 2016. He say Lockheed Martin (LMT) is the winner of the TPP (rearming Japan?).

Before, I had to speak very clearly - if the US and Japan TPP agreement is reached, that the United States Lockheed Martin will officially enter the main upward move. 10 month, the US-Japan TPP agreement, Lockheed Martin is expected to expand as the upward move.

US Lockheed Martin is meant skyrocketing global arms race began. "US Lockheed Martin soared + Fed QE4 + food dollar + dollar index soared, "the United States is the real strategic tool. The US destroyer USS Lassen was the great bull market of the United States Loma sector to pave the way. So, we know ourselves, know our enemy, always victorious.

No Liu piece is complete without a comment about Chinese economists, and his latest is no different: "Chinese economists are all a bunch of crooks and gits."

His LMT call looks good though.

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