Hebei Nominal GDP Contracts 7.3% in Q3; Guangdong Slows to 4.3% Growth

Hebei's Q3 2015 nominal GDP was down 7.3% versus Q3 2014. Growth cratered in Jiangxi, falling to 0.75%. Guangdong nominal GDP growth fell to 4.3%, not a collapse, but a major slowdown for the country's largest provincial economy (To give an idea of the impact of the slowdown, if Guangdong's Q4 is like Q3, the full year growth will be a solid 7.7%, but well below the 9.1% YTD trend forecast in the table below.). Guangdong's growth was slower than numbers reported by Jilin and Inner Mongolia, two provinces caught up in the northeast industrial slowdown. Inner Mongolia rebounded from negative 0.6% growth in Q2 to 6.8% growth in Q3; Jilin 6.6% growth.

Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Shanxi have yet to announce their GDP.

The chart below shows YTD changes in GDP through Q3.

Rank: first number is GDP rank, second is change in rank. Name of province. Population (10,000). Per capita GDP (10,000) First three quarters GDP total. YTD nominal GDP change. YTD real GDP change. 2014 YTD GDP through Q3. 2014 full year GDP. 2015 full year GDP forecast (simply an extension of Q3 GDP growth rate). 2015 YE forecast GDP rank and change.

Source: 2015年前三季度最新全国各省市GDP总值排行榜(榜单)

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