China's Automakers Struggle to Shake Cheap Image

Ten years ago, speaking of independent automakers, most people can think of "cheap low-quality", mimicry, just meet newly rich people's demand for means of transport, besides being cheap it's really cheap. But now, with China's auto market to enhance the development and consumer demand, independent brand car prices grew internal forces, whether it is mainstream brand car color value appearance of the interior, or internal engine transmissions and other power systems technical knowledge, or comprehensive quality control, are fully aligned with international standards.

More importantly, in the comprehensive product line to international standards, while still keeping the original own brand based on the market price advantage, the same product, the price significantly lower than the joint venture brands, or the same price, its own brand of products in space , far richer than the joint venture brand configuration.

But the hard way to do "inexpensive" own-brand cars, is currently still hardly be optimistic. Inexpensive alone, can only be considered a stepping stone to get to participate in international competition in the market, to the foundation of consumer choice, but it can not build brand loyalty. Chinese rise in the world, in addition to inexpensive, and apparently the need for other labels.

Today, both Chery 艾瑞泽 series, there are still the reputation of the best mid-size car Geely Bory, or choose the International Motor Show starting long comfortable moving, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS4, Outlook caused three who are unable to find the slightest mimicry It traces, but also access to the industry of professional recognition. Such as Outlook caused three get the "international industrial design Oscar," said the "red dot design award", after obtaining Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan North American debut in Detroit Auto Show "amazing" Evaluation of foreign media.

...From the sales performance in 2015, the sales of indepedent-brand cars and SUV star product, the main price of many products are in the 80,000 to 100,000 yuan or more. The past, with 80,000 to 100,000 yuan for the sector, more than in the luxury car market is dominated by a joint venture brands, is owned by the following independent brands, the two camps sphere of influence is very clear.

But after years of efforts, its own brand of the main price range has been increased to 80,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan ceiling has been broken, the Great Wall H6, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS4 other hot autonomous SUV products, and other independent car Geely Bory also the price of 10 million yuan. Even the concept of cause such outset pricing aimed at joint venture brands brands.

On the other hand, with the intensification of competition in the market, the price of the joint venture brand products continue to edge lower, the main price range in the past was 120,000 to 150,000 yuan for the joint venture brand Chevrolet, but now also the 80,000 to 100,000 yuan range has become a main competition for market segmentation for the joint venture brand Chevrolet.

And from the final market performance, despite their own brands and joint venture brands are already in full battle in the low-end market, its own brand has not been knocked out, but continues to produce sales star. Independent brands have begun to have the strength to compete with international brands.

...But they alone affordable cheap, apparently unable to establish a good image of Chinese cars, but also unable to establish that influence consumer loyalty brand of charm. Korean cars suffered the last two years in the Chinese market showed a lack of core technology and brand appeal, alone cost advantage in the market competition is always the weaker party.

[This article] just touched the doorway of Chinese car manufacturers, whether it is research and development, quality control, marketing or brand, many aspects need to continue to increase, but everything improved, the ultimate goal is to enhance the competitiveness of the product.
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