More than 50 Cities Subsidizing Home Buyers

Since 2014, the country has published over 50 cities in varying degrees of housing subsidies policy, the central government set the tone, more refined policy will then be introduced. Of course, the classification is applied to the inventory policy. The central bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission before the Spring Festival, the first shot fired central policy is not to implement restriction measures for urban households, the first commercial individual housing loans to purchase ordinary housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 25% in principle, but can float down 5 percentage points to 20%.

In recent days, they have to study the introduction of relevant local real estate policy, the development of the property to the inventory program is accelerating, there may be more policy would fall. Nanchang, Jiangxi formally issued a document, an overall decrease in the real estate development business sales tax unfinished product gross margin to help real estate development enterprises to reduce costs to the inventory. Jiangsu aspect, 4 form a unified opinion by the banking industry, Suzhou city first suite down payment of 20%, 40% two suites. Some county-level city of Nanjing and Wujiang District and other implementation of the first set of the lowest 20%, the lowest 30% of the two sets of the New Deal. It is also a response to the central government.

The industry is widely expected, the future, the authorities continue to introduce easing more likely. After two sessions held, including residence, fund and tax aspects related policies are likely to choose the pipeline.
iFeng: 超50市推购房补贴 继续出宽松政策可能性大

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