Urbanization Plan Meets Reality: Cities Lack Policies, Enthusiasm; Rural Support Policies Counteract

"The current inventory mainly in the third and fourth tier cities." Director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of Urban and Competitiveness Ni Pengfei introduction of migrant workers is to purchase stock, the largest new investment demand stable.

According to Ni Pengfei's estimates, combined household population urbanization planning around "Thirteen Five" period, the transfer of 13 million migrant workers, if 70% of migrant workers in the city buy a home, there is still hope for digesting the current inventory and maintaining stable growth.
However, the cities aren't that attractive:
Speaking of urbanizing rural workers, to solve the inventory problem with rural migrants, Wu Jinsong, deputy director of Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission said the task is arduous. One part is the local governments aren't sure what to do, the enthusiasm is not high, lack of supporting measures, there's no great attraction for rural residents; the second part is rural support policies and other factors, some farmers do not want to move to the city or they will move, but do not want to change their residency.
iFeng: 房地产去库存背后:1300万农民工如何落户成市民?

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