Home Ownership Results: Property Rights

Property rights are not consistent in China. Some places have relatively secure rights, in other places not so much. But the widespread return of property ownership in China has revived the idea of property rights.

Caixin: Rules Opening Gated Communities 'Could Infringe Property Rights'
The ruling Communist Party and the cabinet released a directive on February 21 that proposes opening up the gates of enclosed residential areas and government compounds. The government also said that no more gated communities should be built so that the traffic situation can be improved and land better used.

The authorities did not say when the new rules would come into effect or how they will be implemented, but the announcement generated much discussion among property analysts, academics and the public.

More than 70 percent of nearly 38,000 Internet users polled by the news portal Sina.com opposed the idea, with most survey respondents saying property owners should be compensated if they have to comply with the requirement. Many respondents cited safety concerns as their main reason for objecting.

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