Minsheng Bank Chairman: Bad Debt Problem Exploding

The essential requirement of financial services is the real economy, with the adjustment of economic policy inevitably conform to the requirements of the financial adjustment, innovation supply. In fact, in recent years, of course finance is also faced with "living" problem, and today we've talked a minute "live" issue. In fact, it should be said downstream enterprises in the process, the intermediate process of marketization of interest rates, disintermediation technical problems, but also problems of financial disintermediation, corporate profit margins compressed, non-performing assets has actually erupted. In this case, the bank pressure is actually enormous. Today, talking about domestic demand, and I do not talk about those things, we talk about how to support the new kind of economic development.
Sohu: 洪琦:银行不良资产问题正在爆发 压力巨大

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