Chinese Hope New Regulator Revives the Bull

FT: New China stock regulator seen easing IPO bottleneck
To unlock equity fundraising, Mr Liu must push ahead with a registration-based system for initial public offerings to replace the tightly controlled approval system that for years restricted access to the bourses for cash-starved Chinese companies, analysts say.

Under Mr Xiao —viewed as the face of the unsuccessful all-hands-on-deck market rescue effort — the CSRC committed to implement the registration system, but details about the extent and timing of deregulation remain fuzzy.

“For the newcomer, the challenge is to roll out the market-based IPO system to let the stock market become an even more efficient financing instrument,” said Hong Hao, head of research at Bocom International.

But it is a tough task, say analysts.
The new regulator's name, Liu Shiyu, sounds like "Bull Market Rain" and many Chinese have posted pictures begging for him to reinstate T+0 and send the market to new highs.
iFeng: 散户寄语证监会主席刘士余:施行T+0 超越6124
I hope my mommy can earn a lot of money and buy me good things to eat
Let me earn a lot, so I can marry a good wife
No more volatility, I can't take it
I don't ask for an eternal bull market, only ask for this year
Bring Back T+0
(T+0 allows for day trading)
Bring Back Stock Market Futures
Seriously investigate insider trading
A better sign would be: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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