Stocks or Homes in the Year of the Monkey? Maybe Try Gold Instead

Which is a better buy in the Year of the Monkey, stocks or real estate? Answer: neither according to industry insiders. The article mentions gold in passing, but if current trends hold up, I expect the Aunties will be back out in force.
For the stock market, it can be expected, the Monkey will continue to be difficult but not an extraordinary one. Global economic recovery is still hard to expect the domestic economy are trying to upgrade and capital market reform progresses, registration system, strategic and emerging board, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and other reforms will continue through attention.

Since the Gregorian New Year, has been stumble endlessly, many bargain-hunting investors were stuck, miserable. Even had emphasized in 2016 Manniu Academy of Social Sciences recently released a report also said that in 2016 the stock market shocks bottomed at state, while the Shanghai Composite Index rising trend difficult chance. But there are also people in the industry believe that the opening years of the rapid decline in the market these days mainly reflects the many uncertainties lead to pessimism focused on the release, resulting in a market overreaction, irrational sell-off occurred, but also plunge to investors providing a phased buying opportunity.

Compared to the stock market, property market optimism of the Monkey far more than the number of people the stock market. Insiders believe that, since 2015, the state adjusted the proportion of down payment, provident fund loans, the purchase of many household registration policy to guide the real estate consumption. Meanwhile, at the national level to support migrant workers into the city to buy a house, to encourage people to purchase the policy, the final analysis is the use of the national policy support to buy a house. In such an unprecedented policy support, buy a house should not be too bad choice.

In addition, known as "cannon," said Ren Zhiqiang, said recently in an interview: "2016 house prices will continue to rise!" Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin has even said that the first-tier cities housing prices rising some 20 years, due to limited land supply population is constantly inflows.

But Beiqing Bao reporter noted, warning against the risk of investment in the property market up more than previously. Insiders said that, on the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen in 2015 as the representative of the first-tier cities of the property market is based on the "330 Deal" on the basis of monetary easing is "leveraged bull" in nature, especially the recent non-HPR cities dropped down payment 20%, which will leverage expanded to 1: 5, plus real estate embarked on the old lever, the 2015 a-share bull market seems to be "pernicious."

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