Beijing Existing Home Sales Slide, Slide, Slide

Beijing weekly home sales have been steadily falling since peaking in September ahead of new buying restrictions. In the latest full week, sales were 70 percent below the peak.
From Homelink Beijing's actual transaction data, "9.30" since the New Deal, the second-hand housing transactions will cool down significantly, 41 weeks (October 3 - 9 May), 42 weeks (Oct. 10 - 16 ), 43 weeks (October 17 --23 days) of signing of the continuous decline, when compared with the high point in September has declined by about 70%. Meanwhile, the new contracts in October have almost halved from early September over the same period.
iFeng: 新政席卷北京二手房:成交量猛降 卖方报价松动

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