People's Daily Enjoys Watching America's Collapse

People's Daily: Commentary: U.S. presidential election chaos exposes flawed political system
People are very clear about the sour fruits of money-oriented politics, and the new U.S. president is unlikely to end political confrontation or even do much to ease discontent toward the government. As British economist Martin Wolf said, growing inequality and slowing productivity have made democracy intolerant and capitalism illegitimate.

For a long time, the U.S. has boasted that its lively election is a sign of its system’s superiority. However, the essential purpose of the election is to provide a driving force for development. The most important task for presidential nominees is not to win the election, but to eventually govern the country.

It's time for the U.S. to take a close, honest look at its arrogant democracy and flawed politics.
The Founders' didn't want a democracy because they knew the people are dominated by emotion. Trump is a distraction from the changes underway in America because he's a reflection of it: the media and political establishment can manipulate the emotion of the public at will. Had the Republicans run a Franciscan monk for president, the media would still be running a war on women campaign because that was the plan from the beginning. The presidential election is a giant marketing campaign and as the Obama administration is the culmination of the permanent campaign. The marketing never ends.

People are not rational and do not care about the issues. Voting is identity-based and emotional. It is most rational when the voting base is homogeneous because these identity issues are removed and there's a greater focus on issues, but that time is long past for America. The descent into authoritarian government has begun.

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