Coming Soon: Complaints of Difficulty Selling Homes

Li Xunlei predicts it won't be long before people are complaining it's difficult to sell homes.

Today, we are complaining about the difficulty of buyers to buy a house, using divination sticks and even playing mahjong to decide who can buy a house. I believe in the near future, everyone will complain about selling difficulties. Like last year's stock market crash, often a limit down decline, finally had to ask SOEs not to sell shares, listed companies increased holdings, the brokerage industry bought or did not sell. The property market has nowhere near the stock market's liquidity, it will certainly be difficult to sell. Therefore, when we talk about the past change in sentiment, you must think about your sentiment today and how it will flip in the future.

We are currently discussing how to make money, but few people discuss how to hedge. But the economic downturn has become a long-term trend, this also means that the whole of society and the decline of income growth decline ROI, then the investment risk in the future should be greater than the benefits, right? It estimated that over the next five years, the hot topic of discussion will no longer be how to make money, but how to reduce losses.

iFeng: 李迅雷:相信不久的将来,大家一定会抱怨卖房难

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