Rising Prices Pushes Some Home Buyers to Sidelines

Xinhua: “金九银十话楼市”:出手还是观望?——黄金周楼市心态扫描
"Zhengzhou recent prices rose too outrageous." When he heard the message restriction Ning very happy, through online and offline consulting, he was happy anymore. "After the maximum rate is up a moderate some, but will continue to rise." It seems in Ning, control policies to curb housing prices if the momentum of rapid increases, or good.

...Wuhan Optical Valley area located off Hill Avenue Raycom Tamrac REF staff of anonymity, told reporters: "The recent batch of released 80 suites, Arranging, nearly 1,000 people, comprehensive success rate is not high, there are many buyers several times to no avail. "

...Many buyers said that the current real estate market as a whole in Wuhan wait and see mood darker. With the introduction of restriction policy, either the seller or the buyer, uncertainties are increased.

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