MoH Takes Lead in Regulating Internet Finance

The Ministry of Housing has taken the lead in ending the illegal flow of Internet finance into the housing market.
iFeng: 住建部牵头 整顿互联网金融资金违规入楼市
The above already has this going to work for the basic characterization, is to 'straighten out'." October 26 morning, a local housing and urban construction system insider told the "China Business" reporter, the Ministry of Housing We are taking the lead in preparing for Internet banking, P2P illegal funds into the real estate market special rectification work.

The work will be in conjunction with the Department of Housing and the People's Bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission, local financial office, the Ministry and other functions, to carry out the regulatory authorities. Department of Housing recently been in housing and urban construction within the system, in many ways, this information has been communicated, and related work arrangements.
Aside from this coordinated effort led by the MoH, various ministries and departments will continue carrying out other credit tightening measures.

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