Xinhua Calls Housing Violators a Malignant Tumor

Even though blame for the housing bubble falls squarely on government and monetary policy, Xinhua wants everyone to focus on the symptoms of shady real estate practices.

One again unto the breach goes the central planner:
Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction another telling standardize the real estate development enterprises, clearly listing will publish false, malicious speculation, hoarding and other nine kinds of unfair business practices severely punished according to law. In many market regulation upgrade in the background, a move no doubt is a mind thunder, that the government realized that the current real estate market regulation is urgent, determined to cut off cancer disrupt the market in order to achieve long-term healthy development of the real estate market.

Including the previous round of soaring house prices, including fluctuations in the property market, real estate market disorder are exposed is an important factor in pushing up prices, some developers to reap huge profits, accustomed to spreading false news, artificially creating panic, seriously damaging the interests of consumers, affect the healthy development of the property market.

...A healthy real estate market, there must be iron-fisted rule to maintain order. The Department of Housing and 9 kinds of unfair business practices to be clearly defined. The courage to play the competent departments should strictly enforce the law, to prevent a criminal record or fail to investigate the behavior of poor accountability shield enterprises to accelerate the real estate industry credit system construction, in the whole society Jiangyoufalie guide is formed, so that housing prices become illegal behavior "across the street mouse".
iFeng: 新华时评:剪除中国楼市的毒瘤刻不容缓

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