Guangzhou Kicked Out of First-Tier

Guangzhou has been kicked out of the first-tier by one writer, who sees the city eclipsed by competitors. He starts off by saying the best cities are in provinces where the economy and political centers are split between two cities:
First of all, we have not found a fact: In China, all economically developed coastal provinces, there will be an "economic hub" cities, their level of economic development than the "capital" city high. From south to north so as: Guangdong Shenzhen VS Guangzhou, Fujian's Xiamen VS Fuzhou, Jiangsu Suzhou VS Nanjing , Shandong Qingdao VS Jinan, Liaoning Dalian VS Shenyang.

That is, these provinces have an "economic hub" and a "political center", is called "separation of government and business." Only "political" and "commercial" separation, the economy can really develop, and this is the outcome of the first stage of China's reform and opening, economic fruitful coastal provinces.

At the same time, we will find that all the underdeveloped inland provinces, the provincial economy will be "the capital of dominant" economic phenomena, such as: Chengdu, Hefei, Anhui, Shaanxi, Hubei, Wuhan, Changsha, Hunan, Sichuan, Xi'an Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, Urumqi, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Kunming , and so on. Called "regardless of political and business", "politics" and "commercial" intertwined, these local economies often rely on "administration" means piled up.
Explaining the "decline" of Guangzhou, it has been surpassed by the growth of Shanghai as financial center, Shenzhen as the SEZ, and Hangzhou as the center for e-commerce:
I have not found a significant rule, China's modern history, whether it is an open port, the revolutionary uprising, or reform, are from the Canton area began. This fully shows the openness of Guangzhou, the famous Thirteen, Fair, etc., this is China trade bridgehead. Guangzhou since the Qin dynasty, has been that the political, economic, cultural and military center of south China's Guangdong and the whole, this situation continued until modern times.

But now, whether it is from the total GDP, growth, innovation or industrial structure, Guangzhou increasingly bleak landscape, this what is the reason?

Study his life, Guangzhou martial arts master who lives encountered three opponents, namely Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou .

In modern times, Shanghai is China's opening up is rising star, robbed Guangzhou commercial port scenery, the rapid rise of China in modern times;

In modern times, in Shenzhen, China's reform and opening windows and countertops, grab an open policy of Guangzhou, and China is only one provinces cities, and this province there are two cities that Guangdong. Therefore, Guangzhou and Shenzhen could not escape the inevitable fate of fratricidal.

The moment, Hangzhou is the birthplace of Chinese e-commerce, but also robbed the share of foreign trade in Guangzhou, and a growing line of small transactions to online focus, Alibaba transaction volume has exceeded Sichuan Province, which has brought to the traditional trade huge impact.

Most importantly, now in Guangzhou we are losing "open" soul. See a city is not comprehensive enough, you will be able to communicate with the locals see it. You communicate with the locals in Guangzhou, Cantonese is often heard. The exchange with locals in Shenzhen, hear basic Mandarin. Who's more inclusive? It can be seen!

You understand it? Location decide the future!

Hangzhou, Guangzhou has been able to replace, because it is precise positioning! E-commerce as a pillar industry, which means re-enact a set of trading rules, regardless of who manufactured the product, I put the most suitable products first time to the most appropriate hands of consumers, the domestic Taobao, Lynx, there are cross-border trade electricity providers, e-commerce Hangzhou rewrite the business landscape.
iFeng: 中国城市格局真相:省会独大 广州被挤出一线城市

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