Silicon Valley Has Peaked

Silicon Valley is no longer concerned chiefly with building the best technology products, a sign that technology is close to a peak and the stock market may be ready to turn.

Bloomberg: Peter Thiel’s Politics Become a Deal-Killer in Silicon Valley
Dismay over the billionaire venture capitalist’s stance on the Republican candidate has been showing up all across the technology landscape -- from a startup founder saying he regrets taking a Trump backer’s money to a prominent diversity group refusing to work with any company associated with Thiel. In one recent case, it also throttled the flow of cash into a fledgling VC fund.
On the other side are technology start-ups specifically designed to replace the overly political censorship of firms such as Twitter (with Gab.ai already launched), Wikipedia (Infogalactic has launched) and eventually Facebook and others. To say nothing of growing overseas competition in places such as China.

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