CCP Wants Great Control Over SOEs, Focus on Party Building

High level officials met to discuss increasing party control over SOEs last weekend after years of Western-style reforms have weakened the party's power over these firms.

Xinhua: Xi stresses CPC leadership of state-owned enterprises
President Xi Jinping stressed the Communist Party of China's (CPC) unswerving leadership over state-owned enterprises (SOEs) during a national meeting on building the role of the Party within SOEs held here from Monday to Tuesday.

Efforts should be made to strengthen and improve Party leadership, as well as to build the role of the Party in SOEs to make them the most trustworthy and reliable forces of the CPC and the state, said Xi, who is also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.
The Chinese article mentioned the issue of Westernization:

iFeng: 最高领导人首次出席国企党建会议 释放三大信号
The first is the Chinese Communist Party in the New state-owned development, the party's leading state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises to comprehensively strengthen the Party building, party building work to fully state-owned enterprises strict management, a change in state-owned enterprises over the past three years the Party Building loose soft, weakening the party's leadership SOEs and marginalized issues, indicating that state-owned enterprises party building and leadership to have a new beginning.

The second is October 24 to 27 will hold 18 Sixth Plenary Session, fully tightening party discipline will study major issues of party building and state-owned enterprises is an important aspect, it will likely be the main content of the Sixth Plenary Session of the strategic plan .

Third Party building in the new period of development of state-owned enterprises among the state-owned enterprises as well as the party's leadership in the new era of national development which accounted for an unprecedented importance. Development of state-owned enterprises to the building where the party's going to go up, this is an important signal to the world of Chinese state-owned enterprises Party building.

"Xi Jinping, general secretary of the speech is very important." COMMUNIST, said the leadership of the party and party building in state-owned enterprises reform and opening up the first three years, learn from the West in the extensive development of our modern enterprise system, the establishment of the board of directors, board of supervisors, directors will be state-owned enterprises Party building being marginalized, weakened the party's leadership, which is studying the development trend of the West, however, after 18 big since more than four years of exploration and practice in the development of state-owned enterprises, clear out of the main state-owned enterprises with Chinese characteristics that the party's leadership, China's enterprises to carry out party building, to its built-in to the modern enterprise system among Chinese.

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