Steel Firms Set to Hit Production Cut Targets

Many SOEs are expected to hit their targets by the end of October, with several provinces ahead of annual targets as higher prices blunt the cost.

In addition to the central level, a number of provinces and cities are iron and steel production capacity to start end road sprint. Jiangsu provincial government said recently, before the end of October will be completed ahead of the year to 3.9 million tons of steel production capacity. It is reported that, "Thirteen Five" period, Jiangsu Province will Yajian crude steel production capacity of 17.5 million tons before the end of 2018 70% of the total schedule. Click to view the progress, however, the next two years, Jiangsu Province, the pressure can be enormous pressure to cut.

Sichuan Province this year will be fully Yajian steel production capacity of 4.2 million tons at the end of October. According to the "Sichuan Daily" 18, 2007, six main steel-making equipment, Sichuan Province signed target responsibility of three companies (production capacity of 4.2 million tons) have been removed.

Some relatively minor tasks to the capacity of the provinces has been completed ahead of the annual target in the third quarter. Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission published in August, CERI (Xiangtan) Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. 50-ton electric furnace was sealed shut, marking the province's 2016 steel production capacity to the task has been completed. In early September, the Commission by letter of Shandong Province issued a document that, in 2016, Shandong Province, the steel industry has been completed Yajian 2.7 million tons of pig iron, crude steel production capacity to 2.7 million tons of tasks related to business equipment has been shut down to exit and begin deployment in 2017 capacity to work plan.

The most difficult task of the steel city of Hebei Province also plans before the end of November this year exceeded plan. "Hebei Province in 2016 to resolve the overcapacity of steel monthly schedule" shows, is expected to the end of November, Hebei Province, the cumulative phase-out 18.4 million tons of iron production capacity, 16 million tons of steel production capacity, 17.26 million tons more than the original iron Yajian , 14.22 million tons of steel production capacity target.

Official statistics show that as of the end of August, 28 steel-producing regions and the central enterprises total exit capacity of 34.68 million tons of crude steel, accounting for about 77% of the amount of the annual task

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