Foshan Targets Realtor Sales Tactics as Part of Effort to Slow Price Rise

Foshan is tightening licensing and restrictions for realtors doing pre-sales and regulating advertising among other measures.

iFeng: 佛山市出台稳定房市举措:严惩违规销售行为
(A) to strengthen the supervision of pre-commercial behavior

1. sale of real estate, shall obtain pre-sale permit. Without obtaining permission of the sale of commodity housing projects, real estate development enterprises shall carry out sale, shall not subscribe, Reservations, Arranging, issued VIP card charge or a disguised manner deposit is charged to the buyer, the nature of the predetermined models and other expenses. Pre-sale license commodity housing projects, real estate development enterprises in the 10 days once all prospective sale listings and each housing prices.

2. Not to obtain pre-sale permit, real estate development enterprises to receive any form of earnest money, Reservations gold, VIP card or purchase a predetermined fee charged in disguise, once the competent authorities find , real estate development companies need to immediately repaying all charges costs, not repaying completed inadmissible handle pre-license application or apply for suspension of pre-licensing. In violation of Article VI and in accordance with Article 35 and "sales of commercial property management approach" Article 22 and Article 42 of the above-mentioned acts "Regulations of Guangdong Province real estate sale" administrative penalties, but also with "Foshan City real estate industry credit management approach "," real estate development enterprise credit scoring criteria "Article 42" without obtaining pre - commercial (sales) sales license, without prepayment of costs nature "integrity deducted 10 points.

3. obtain pre-sale permit, the real estate development companies and buyers who agreed to receive pre deposit, the development of enterprises should provide a draft contract to the real estate transaction buyers. Sure unit identification chips or charge intention gold, seen as a room to sell, according to "Foshan City real estate industry integrity management approach", "real estate development enterprise credit scoring criteria" Article 56 "without lifting real estate sales contracts signed, deliberately the subject matter of the contract as a commodity re-sold to others' integrity deduction points and 15 points.

4. increase hoarding, drive up prices and other illegal investigation and punishment of acts. Of pre-license has been made, but not within the specified time will be fully open to the public sales or prospective sale of houses open to the public sale, as well as deliberate or extremely high sales price of commodity housing contract for the sale by signing a false man-made availability tension, etc. behavior, severely punished, and according to "Foshan City real estate industry integrity management approach", "real estate development enterprise credit scoring criteria" Article 26 "for violating our policies, be informed the competent authorities of criticism and ordered deadline for rectification," buckle integrity minutes 10 Minute.

5. The real estate development enterprises shall not entrust brokerage agency record did not apply for commercial housing sales, real estate development enterprises without commissioned brokers and employees may not project sales site in any name in real estate sales. Press offenders in violation of Article XVIII handle "real estate sale in Guangdong Province Regulations" and based on "the real estate industry, Foshan City, integrity management approach", "real estate development enterprise credit scoring criteria" Article 26 "due to policy violation, by the competent authorities reprimand and ordered deadline for correction of "integrity deducted 10 points.

(Ii) strengthen the real estate sales agents and real estate brokers supervision

1. The sale of real estate agencies commissioned sales agents, we shall issue a power of attorney, a clear scope and authority entrusted to the agent, and publicity and inform buyers in the project sales site.

2. The introduction of the agency sales of commodity housing, should be entrusted to the competent departments for the record in the real estate real estate brokers agent. Real estate brokers and practitioners shall speculation room number, can not make the difference in the agent process can not be signed by the "yin and yang contract" illegal trading, false information and may not publish unverified information, refrain from internal sale, hire someone to wait in line means to create a false atmosphere of strong sales.

3. brokers when filing this body to provide information to all persons engaged in the brokerage business. Area real estate administrative departments to brokerage employees real-name registration. Sales site bar public information must be publicized to all persons resident brokers, photos, when brokerage service personnel should wear your card marked name, organization name, position and other information.

4. The implementation of the project registration management system. Real estate agencies to undertake the sales of commercial real estate development enterprise project after the power of attorney issued by the district land where the project submitted to Urban Construction and Water Authority registration, and registration of projects and performance reporting in the integrity of the system.

Brokerage violations, according to Article XVIII "Guangdong Province real estate sale Management Regulations", "real estate brokerage management approach" Article XI Article 15 punishment, and according to "Foshan City real estate industry integrity management approach" "Real estate brokerage, advisory bodies credit scoring criteria" Article 5 "Failing to department in charge of the relevant filing procedures" in Article 6 "should be expressly prescribed unpublished material in premises with payment or deposit sites prominently the "Article 15" did not seek to fill in information systems in good faith or incomplete information furnished "were deducted 10 points integrity.

(Iii) strengthen the management of real estate ads

1. Real estate development companies, brokerage agencies publish pre-sale advertising, you should have made pre-sale permit. Content pre-sale advertising must be truthful, accurate and not be misleading, deceiving the public and does not comply with the contents of the pre-sale housing projects, and the issuing authority and shall state the number of pre-sale permit.

2. The real estate development companies, real estate brokers publish pre-sale advertising, it shall comply with the " Zhonghua Renmin Gonghuo Guo Advertising Law", "People's Republic of China on Urban Real Estate Administration Law," "People's Republic of China Land Management Law" and "real estate advertising regulations." the relevant provisions. Real estate administrative departments and industrial and commercial administrative departments should strengthen the daily supervision of the sale of real estate ads, advertising or illegal, it should be ordered to stop publishing and punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Sales of commercial advertising in violation of the relevant provisions, respectively, according to a violation of Article 19, "sales of commercial property management approach" Article XIV process "Guangdong Provincial Regulations real estate sale," and according to "Foshan City real estate industry credit management approach "" real estate development enterprise credit scoring criteria "Article 38" Existing home sales price advertising, fraud area, the property is located or the location, equipment, material selection, pipeline fill deposited, the environment layout, delivery time and other circumstances statement untrue "integrity buckle 10 points, 39" without obtaining pre-sale permit publishing houses selling content or containing advertising "integrity deducted 10 points.

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