6 Days 10 Cities Housing Crackdown

The iFeng headline asks, which city is next?
March 17, Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, have issued a limited number of restrictions on the purchase of loans, Shijiazhuang also announced the day to join the restricted loan limit camp; 18, Changsha tightly restricted purchase; 19, Hebei Baoding suspended to have the main city of 3 sets and above 2011, Dongguan, Langfang, Jurong, Jiaxing has introduced control policies; 22 evening, the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau also issued a document on non-local household registration of households in the purchase of a tax in the assessment of the tax; Payment conditions to make changes.
iFeng: 6天10城先后出手“稳房价” 下一城会是哪?

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