Five Branches of Beijing Muni Govt Ramp Up Real Estate Controls

The Beijing municipal government is ratcheting up real estate controls.

The tax bureau now requires 60 consecutive months of income tax payments.

Covered earlier today, the c Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is cracking down on partitioning of homes in sought after school districts.

Beijing Development and Reform Commission reiterates spreading of false or misleading prices, trying to pump up prices with false information, is forbidden.

Construction committee shut down 11 real estate agency offices for violating rules.

Beijing Internet Information Office told Leju (LEJU) it was illegally reporting news with no license, and its journalists also do not have approval. The government dubbed it a serious violation of Article V of the Provisions for the Administration of Internet News Information Services (English translation). Leju was told to immediately cease activity and rectify the situation within a time limit. It is hard to say if this news if being factored into LEJU's stock price given it was already breaking down.

iFeng: 北京整治房地产市场 一天之内5部门重拳出击

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