Deposit Rates Falling in China, So Buy A House!

Although the central bank is raising interest rates and liquidity is tighter, banks are cutting deposit rates.
From the current period to three years, the central bank have announced the benchmark interest rate, commercial banks can be determined on the basis of their own floating or floating and amplitude. Among them, the three-year period of time deposit interest rates are floating, the highest floating 50%. However, it is worth noting that about 1/3 of the bank's current deposit interest rate of 0.3%, more than the benchmark interest rate is not floating, but also fell by 14%. Is your money still in the bank? The money in the bank keeps crying!

According to data compiled by Rong 360, the average interest rate for one-year deposits was 1.93% at the end of the fourth quarter of 2016, up 28.7% from the benchmark interest rate of 1.5%. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in January 2017 CPI rose 2.5% year on year.

What does that mean? For example: the end of the year you have 10 million dollars, to buy a car, you put this 10 million deposit to the bank a year, a year after the interest rate of 101930 yuan, but this time the price of the car rose to 102500 yuan, Your money has not bought a car. 10 million deposit bank a year not only did not appreciate, but devaluation of 570 yuan, not as good as a year ago to spend out.

In the current economic downturn, the bank fully into the negative interest rate era, the people in the bank money is actually a loss, then how should we do investment? Negative interest rate era, home is the most robust investment channel!

Real estate in the recession is the best hedge for asset preservation, the house itself can resist inflation, not to mention the housing every day for your shelter to bring comfortably.
iFeng: 2017银行最新利率曝光 买房者必须收藏!

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