Beijing Cuts Second Mortgage Length to 25 Years, Sanya Bans Third

Beijing already does not allow second-home mortgages beyond retirement age, so this change is seen as having little effect on the market.
According to financial reports, first-tier cities real estate credit continued to tighten. March 4, a Beijing regulators confirmed that the Beijing two suites mortgage loan period has been shortened from 30 years to 25 years, Shanghai, Shenzhen, two suites do not follow up this policy.

However, the direct impact of this policy is not significant. Centaline Property Chief Analyst Zhang Dawei that the original purchase has a repayment period does not exceed the retirement age policy, and two sets of buyers repayment ability, the general loan cycle is relatively short, but this represents the interest rate discount in January after the reduction Continue to tighten the bank's future loan line tightening, price increases, lending slowdown will become the norm. 

There are also insiders said that the adjustment is not a simple control of housing prices, more likely to prevent the bank bubble. Yaoxing institutions said that this policy is roughly the bank according to their own wind control requirements to shorten the loan period. She believes that now the bank in the loan of this autonomy is relatively strong, adjust the two suites loan life is also a normal phenomenon.
北京二套房贷期限缩至25年 沪深不变

Sanya has banned third mortgages and raised the downpayment on second mortgages to 50 percent.
iFeng: 三亚楼市调控出新招:第三套及以上住房停贷

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