Central Govt: More Buying Restrictions As Needed

SCMP: China adds national pledge to curb housing prices in government work report
“Containing excessive home price rises in hot ­cities” is listed as one of the key tasks this year, according to the finalised document released by Xinhua on Thursday. The document will serve as a guideline for the central government this year.

...Han Wenxiu, deputy director of the State Council Research Office who helped draft the report, said on Friday that local governments in areas with surging property prices should adopt financial, fiscal and taxation policies to prevent prices rising too quickly.

Other options included increasing land supply or regulating agents and transactions. “Generally speaking, we should reduce high inventory but also stabilise property prices,” Han said.
Han Wenxiu's comments were also the top story at iFeng Finance: 韩文秀:个别城市房价明显上涨 会进一步采取措施

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