Developer Credit Still Tightening

Real estate financing is still tightening. Recently, the refinancing of listed companies, "cannot exceed 20% of the total share capital, the interval required to exceed 18 months," the new regulations, the financing conditions more stringent. In addition, look at the past three months time, the domestic corporate debt has not been released.
Developers who build "green" projects have better access to capital:
Recently, Longhu real estate successfully issued in the territory of corporate bonds, according to the reporter observed, BBMG's main business is not real estate, but the building materials company; and Longhu real estate investment in the company's debt is the policy to promote Of the green building projects, have a certain degree of particularity.
Other developers, particularly midsized ones, have to head overseas:
For medium-sized housing enterprises, the domestic corporate bonds channels blocked, fought overseas has become a last resort choice.

In the majority of housing prices for more than three months after the issuance of corporate bonds failed, in view of the first quarter of short covering and debt demand, had to change the direction of money to overseas, in particular, with H-share platform medium-sized listed housing prices.

February 15, Rongxin China announced that the issue of 225 million US dollars in 2019 due to priority notes. At the same time, the bill will be with the December 8, 2016 issue and in 2019 due to 175.5 million US dollars 6.95% priority notes merged and constitute a single series; February 14, Road King Infrastructure Co., Ltd. issued a public announcement, February 13, the issuer, the road and the guarantor and JP Morgan Chase, HSBC and DBS Bank issued a total principal amount of $ 300 million 7.95% of the priority guarantee of continuing capital securities entered into the subscription agreement.
Caijing: 房企公司债连续三月未放行 部分房企或借道海外

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