MSCI Considers A Shares Again

Reuters: MSCI seeks feedback on potential China stocks inclusion
If the proposed new rules are applied, the number of Chinese stocks that would have to be included would drop dramatically by two-thirds to 169 stocks leading to a sharp drop in market turnover, a crucial source of costs for passive funds.

Bloomberg: MSCI Shuns Most of China's $7 Trillion Market in Index Proposal
Only 169 mainland China-listed companies will be considered for inclusion by benchmark gauges, down from 448 under a previous proposal, and all will be large-cap shares currently accessible to foreign investors through exchange links with Hong Kong. The weighting of yuan denominated stocks, known as A shares, would be just 0.5 percent of the MSCI Emerging Market Index, half the previous suggested level, according to a consultation paper published on MSCI’s website Wednesday.

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