Chinese Home Prices Will Not Rise in Dollars

The impact of Fed tightening: Chinese home prices may stagnate in U.S. dollars.
China has emerged since the end of 2015, an unprecedented low interest rate era is coming to an end. China's interest rate continues to increase, is a high probability event. This is indeed a bad property for the property market.

But China has foreign exchange control, so the domestic asset bubble can be controlled, the pressure is too great, you can also let the exchange rate depreciation. Therefore, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to punish the Chinese property market bubble is an exaggeration to say, is unlikely to happen. China's urbanization rate is currently about 57%, according to the current annual rate of 1.25 percentage points, the property market there are "silver decade."

In the next 10 years, you want to see the first-tier cities, strong second-tier cities, "RMB-denominated housing prices" trend down, is still difficult. But the current north of deep housing prices from its "dollar top", has not far too far. In other words, if another wave, the next few years in accordance with the dollar-denominated up.
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